District VIII Junior Fellow FUNdraiser:

 ACOG Hawaiian Photo Scavenger Hunt

Benefitting the District VIII Central American Project

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of raising $1000 for the ACOG District VIII grant for Central American Junior Fellows!


  1. This is a photo scavenger hunt.  Get your cameras ready!
  2. Each team must be comprised of 3-5 people.  Please identify a team captain.
  3. From the list below, your team should select any ten (10) items to complete.  Choose wisely… each is worth a different point value!
  4. Entry fee is $25 per team.  Additional donations are welcome (and tax deductible!)
  5. Teams may register at the Conference Registration desk .
  6. All entries are due on Friday, September 27th between 5 and 6pm and photographic proof should be brought to the FUNdraiser committee at the registration tables.
  7. The team with the most points wins.  Tie goes to the team who is most creative.
  8. The winners will be announced on Saturday morning following the Junior Fellow Prize Paper Presentations. 

Scavenger Hunting Options (point value):

  • A member of your team swinging like Tarzan into the pool (3)
  • A member of your team who has taken over a serving station at a restaurant (eg. The omelet station) (5)
  • Someone on your team surfing (4)
  • Someone on your team with a celebrity that lives in Maui (5)
  • Someone on your team dressed as a pineapple (5 per person)
  • Someone on your team husking a coconut (4)
  • Someone on your team golfing (1)
  • Someone on your team at the spa (1)
  • Someone on your team wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra (4 per person)
  • Someone on your team eating poi (2)
  • Your team buried in the sand (1)
  • Your team in a human pyramid on the beach (2)
  • Your team all wearing Leis (1)
  • Your team dancing Hula (1)
  • Your team in the ocean (1)
  • Your team building a sand castle (2)
  • Your team with Dr Conry (3)
  • Your team with Dr Breeden (3)
  • Your team with any ACOG VP (3)
  • Your team with AMA President-elect, Dr Wah (3)
  • Your team with a “tacky Hawaiian tourist” pose (2)
  • Your team eating a pineapple (1)
  • Your team at sunrise (3)
  • Your team at sunset (1)
  • Your team doing yoga (3)
  • Your team in the lecture hall listening to an ADM session (1)
  • Your team with a vendor in the Exhibit Hall (3)
  • Your team each wearing PAC donation pins (1 per person)
  • Upload an introductory video onto the Conference Flipgrid site (5 per person)
  • Your team holding the Dancing with the Docs trophy (5)
  • Your team at a luau (1)
  • Your team star gazing (1)
  • Your team reading research posters (1)
  • Your team with a live hibiscus flower (1)


***Your team will be awarded 5 bonus points for having at least one Medical Student, Junior Fellow and Fellow on your team.


Pick your Pic to enter into the District VIII Facebook Scavenger Hunt Photo Album… the photo with the most likes will be awarded 10 bonus points and named Fan Favorite!